Origins Of The 50 Most Popular Dog Breeds

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Today, a Boston terrier named Rhett is the official mascot of Boston University. Miniature American shepherds are a relatively new dog, developed through the selective breeding of smaller Australian shepherds beginning in 1960.

According to historians, American vacationers took an curiosity within the tiny pup within the 1800s, usually bringing the dogs back to the United States. It is thought that the breed we know right now is descended from one other small companion canine present in ancient Central American civilizations or Native American tribes. Today, many associate the popular quick-food chain Taco Bell with Dinky, the Chihuahua featured in commercials. There are numerous theories about how the Maltese breed came to be. One speculates that these pip-squeak canine are descended from a Swedish Spitz-kind canine.

By the 1300s, the Maltese had gained popularity in Great Britain as properly, the place they had been among the favorite pets of kings and queens. “Basset” comes from the French word for low, which is sensible given how the basset hound’s ears and body hold low to the ground. The breed’s proclivity for looking made basset hounds a well-liked alternative for French aristocrats.

Border collies, which were initially used for herding sheep, have been formally recognized as a breed in 1915 for the aim of distinguishing the canines from different collie breeds. In the beloved Oscar-winning film “Babe,” a border collie named Fly adopts the pig Babe and teaches her to herd sheep like him. As its name suggests, Chihuahuas have been developed in the Chihuahua region of Mexico, the most important of the country’s states.

Another posits that they originated from the Tibetan terriers of Asia. However the canine got here to be, the breed was formally established on the Mediterranean island of Malta.

Reportedly, the Marquis de Lafayette—the French diplomat-turned-revolutionary—gifted George Washington with basset hounds after the American Revolution. As its name suggests, the Belgian malinois originated within the northwest region of Belgium, across the city of Malines. These canine were first bred to be livestock herders and have been the popular dog breed for Belgian sheepherders and cattlemen. Today, the canine are nonetheless typically used as herders, and they are additionally increasingly used by police forces as K-9s and protection canine. Most of thedogs that work for the Navy SEALS are Belgian malinois, including a dog named Cairo that helped SEAL Team 6 capture Osama bin Laden.

In fact, the breed was originally known as the miniature Australian shepherd and remains to be sometimes mistakenly known as so. The name was modified to keep away from confusion with the unique breed. Miniature American shepherds shortly grew to become often known as wonderful touring partners and frequently accompanied their homeowners to equestrian reveals. The name of this breed comes from the truth that border collies had been first developed on the border between England and Scotland, in an area known as Northumberland.