Personality Based on Pet Type

There are several prejudices related to a person’s personality with the type of pet. senior female cat owners are often associated with the nickname “cat lady”. This nickname is often synonymous with lonely women and depressive hoarders. While dog owners are often expected to be happy and sociable people.
Is it always true? The following are some of the results of studies related to a person’s personality and their type of pet, as quoted from Medical Daily:


Owners of these types of animals generally have healthy bodies, are easy to adapt to stress, and are rarely diagnosed with depression – especially those who are single. Researchers speculate that the presence of pets reduces feelings of loneliness and brings warm feelings. Another study in 2010 found that owners of this type of animal tend to view themselves as extroverted, agreeable, and conscientious.


Compared to dog owners, people who raise cats tend to be more creative, adventurous, and have less stable personalities. Regarding the less stable personality, there is a plus side, namely intelligence. A Carroll University study in Wisconsin found that cat owners tend to be introverted and non-conformist, and also have a fairly high level of intelligence.

Researcher of this study, Denise Guastello, argues, humans choose the type of pet based on their own personality. For example, cat owners are perceived as independent animals, tend to prefer closure off, and are cautious of other people, Guastello said in chicks from Live Science.


A survey at the University of Hertfordshire, England, said that reptile pet owners are the most independent personality types compared to other animal owners. Reptile owners tend not to describe themselves as loving as dog breeders. Reptile keepers tend not to really need other people. This type judges their pet does not like humor.


Bird owners were valued and rated themselves as more sociable and expressive, even more so than dog owners. Being extroverted makes it easy for bird owners to fall in love with their work.
A survey by Harris Interactive for CareerBuilder found that bird owners generally work in administration, advertising, construction and sales. A 1983 study reported by Psychological Reports found that bird owners exhibit a high level of dominance – which is particularly beneficial in some professions.


The type of person who keeps this animal tends to have the type that easily attracts other people even though they are actually introverted. The type of fish keeper is considered to have various lifestyles and values.

Studies at the University of Oregon found that the majority of fish keepers are not too pessimistic, cynical, or hopeless. On the contrary, this type shows a high interest in luxurious materialistic things and tends to be free-spirited. Basically, fish keepers are young at heart and like various cultures.
Does that mean it’s always true? Not always. But it’s also interesting to know? Because, in the end, it is wise if we choose the type of pet that suits our lifestyle, so that the animals to be kept will receive adequate care and love – according to the responsibility of the animal owner.