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Here are a few of the pets waiting for a endlessly family at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control and Arizona Humane Society. Dr. Rajvir Gillon was born and raised in San Jose, CA. He attended veterinary college at GADVASU in Punjab, India. In addition to practicing at Ace Animal Hospital, Dr. Gillon has been doing aid work at American Pet Clinic inCeres, CA.Dr. Gillon has had a love for animals since he was very young. He grew up with a variety of animals ranging from canine and cats to varied farm animals and ostriches.

Dr. Chun has been very communicative with our choices and was always out there to answer our questions – irrespective of how small. Kobe required drugs which could only be administered by the Dr, which he did on a holiday for us. I cannot think of another doctor that would do this for a human, not to mention an animal!

The energy of our pets to encourage and luxury us knows no bounds, and the story of a tiny kitten left in a library’s drop box, adopted by the library, and embraced by the whole world is an ideal example. Cat lovers know that felines are peculiarly suited to dwelling in libraries and bookstores, making them probably the most literate of all animals.

At the age of eight, Dr. Gillon was inspired to begin his very own rooster farm. He began his farm with 4 chicks, and it resulted in over one hundred … Read More