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Pet Express State Of The Art Salon And Grooming

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Great Ways Pet Groomers Can Persevere During The Covid-19 Outbreak

Bring your special pet to us for the last word gentle grooming experience. Find a StoreThat’s simply one of many the reason why grooming is so important. Our staff isn’t only trained in correct washing, cutting and brushing but additionally particular companies like de-matting painful tangles and trimming overgrown nails to stop foot accidents. A full groom includes haircut, tub, ear hair removing and cleaning, anal glands, nail clipping and coat conditioning.

Supplies For Grooming Pets

All dogs are hand dried with a blow dryer and if further drying is needed for pets that are somewhat shy, we have a cool air kennel dryer. For extra information and price quotes please give us a call or cease by. Pets that do not require a haircut will obtain a bath, anal gland expression, and blow dry. After each pet has been dried, the groomer will trim the nails and clean the ears.

We humans typically forget that non-public care extends beyond normal healthcare and physician’s visits. At Park Hills Animal Hospital, we prefer to remind our shoppers that both people and pets want an extra increase of care once in a while. Treating your canine or cat to pet grooming is one more way to show your furry companion how a lot you care about their welfare. Our pet care group at your animal hospital in Park Hills KY loves spending time with pets, giving them an extra dose of affection … Read More